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Cardboard Owl

  • Suitable for all smartphones
  • Easy to fold
  • Fall protection for your smartphone
  • Large Google 2.0 lenses (FOV)
  • Delivery time from 10 working days
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Material E-Flute CardboardItemSize in cmweight
Lenses 37 mm diameter. (Google 2.0 compatible) Cardboard14.5 * 8.5 * 10.065 grams
Print Full colour/ Fully customizableGiftbox 23.5 * 15 * 1.565 grams
Focal length45 mm Packing box (100 pcs) 80 * 60 * 17 12-18 kg
Phone protectionyes Pallet  (2000 pcs)120 * 80 * 180280 kg
Interaction with phoneThumb hole
Laminate170 gram MC

Product information

The Cardboard Owl is the most accessible VR headset on the market. The Cardboard Owl consists of one part that is easily folded together. By placing a smartphone on which VR content is played, you can enter a virtual environment within seconds.


You can have our Cardboard Owl produced entirely in your house style. Download the design template on the right and start creating your design. If you need help with the design you can always contact us.


Since we manage the entire production ourselves, we can fully implement your cardboards as desired. We have already successfully delivered more than 1.2 million cardboards to more than 450 satisfied customers worldwide.

Cardboard Owl

Not everyone has VR glasses at home. In addition to the complex operation of some devices, the costs certainly also play a role. The Cardboard Owl is a cardboard holder for smartphones with an attractive price tag. This applies in particular to companies that, with these cardboard VR glasses, give their customers the opportunity to step directly into the virtual world. The design of these cheap VR glasses is so simple that everyone can handle it. In addition, this product is suitable for all common smartphones, both Android and Apple iOS devices. In addition to promotional apps and video clips, hundreds of apps can be downloaded from the App Store that work with the Cardboard Owl.

Cardboard VR Glasses

The first generation of cardboard VR glasses dates from 2014, when two Google employees developed this fun hand-out in their free time. The concept was simple; a folding plate made of cardboard with two plastic lenses that is suitable as a holder for smartphones. The hardware in the mobile phone is used to make virtual reality available to everyone. Later a new model followed that made interaction possible. The Cardboard Owl design meets the latest specifications and is more user-friendly than ever. The sturdy cardboard can be provided with any desired print for promotional purposes.

Buy a Cardboard Owl

Companies that are looking for cheap VR glasses to hand out during trade fairs and events, or who want to send this product by mail, can buy these cardboard in larger numbers. We take care of the imprint in one of our specialized facilities where urgent delivery is possible. If you want to share 360 ​​video or a virtual reality app with a large audience, there is no better and cheaper solution than the Cardboard Owl. Order directly or inquire without obligation about all options or a customized offer. Interested in a customized VR app to offer in combination with this product? Then contact us.

Delivery time

We produce cardboards in the Netherlands and in China.

Production in the Netherlands: 10 working days

Production in China: 20 working days

Download your templates here



Extra options


Add a gift box in your house style and make your Cardboard Owl a real present.


Experience VR handsfree by adding a headband.


Make your Cardboard Owl more comfortable by adding padding.




Inside coated white, outside full colour print


Matte Lamination


A matte finish for a luxury appearance and extra protection


Glossy Lamination


A glossy finish for a luxury appearance and extra protection




A full color print on the inside of the cardboard or gift box.


Spot UV


With spot UV you add relief and high gloss accents to your design.



Product accessories


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