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Grey Owl

  • Long lifespan
  • Premium feel
  • Pupil distance adjustable
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Material ABS PlasticItemSize in cmweight
Lenses PMM Optical Resin Lens 42mm diameterGrey Owl18,5 * 12,6 * 9,1238 grams
Print Full colour Spot UV / The Front Box19,5 * 13,5 * 10,455 grams
Pupil Distance60-66 mm
Focus Distance40-49 mm
Phone ProtectionYes
Phone Support4.7” - 6.0” ( 11.9 cm - 15.2cm)
FOV90 - 100°

Product information

The Gray Owl is a durable VR headset that can easily be used to play 360 ° content. The Gray Owl is compatible with most smartphones and has the ability to adjust the pupil distance. The outside is made of stitched fabric and gives the headset a premium look and feel. The Gray Owl is a very comfortable VR headset and the right choice for long-term use.

Grey Owl

Can VR glasses be cheap and still offer the quality that you as a company can stand behind? Our Gray Owl is proof that cheap VR glasses with printing can still offer that luxurious look and wearing comfort that does justice to every brand. It is a holder for all common smartphones that allows the user to view hundreds of virtual reality apps. And of course also the product presentations that you want to show to customers and prospective buyers. These VR glasses can be used during events, or the product can be used as an affordable promotional tool.

VR glasses cheap with a luxurious feel

By using the hardware in a smartphone, the costs for these virtual reality glasses can remain low. That does not mean that the design quality and the materials used have been saved. For example, the pupillary distance can be set for extra comfort, this is a feature that is often missing even on VR glasses that cost hundreds of euros more. In addition, this model is made of fabric, which immediately gives the design a luxurious look and at the same time increases the wearing comfort. These VR glasses are cheap in price while maintaining that premium look.

VR glasses with printing

The Gray Owl can be used as a promotional tool to give away to customers, it is also the ideal way to share VR content with larger numbers of visitors during a trade show or event. To increase the visibility of each brand, it is possible to have the front printed with a company logo, brand name or, for example, a website address. A white print on a dark background immediately stands out and looks very representative. Because the Gray Owl is a universal smartphone holder, this holder will often be further distributed, thereby increasing the visibility of the brand.

Delivery time

Orders up to 50 pieces: 10 working days

Orders over 50 pieces: 20 working days

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Extra options


Zorg dat u niet afhankelijk bent van het uw smartphone speaker. De JVC HA-S180 Zwart heeft extra krachtige bastonen waardoor de VR ervaringen meer indruk maakt.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 phone

Complete your VR set with the Galaxy S6 smartphone. De Galaxy S6 has an AMOLED display with QHD-resolution (1440×2560) for a strong VR experience.



No print

Grey Owl printing

Printing Grey Owl: It is possible to provide the front of the Grey Owl with your logo at an additional cost. Download your template here.


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