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HTC Vive

  • Best tracking in category
  • Steam platform
  • Laptop included
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Product information

The HTC Vive is very suitable for training courses, experience centers, trade shows and arcade halls. The HTC Vive works in combination with a computer and the Steam VR platform. There are many experiences available on SteamVR that can be used very well at events and trade shows.

Compared to the Oculus Rift, the purchase price of the HTC Vive is higher. However, the room scale tracking of the HTC Vive is of better quality than that of the Oculus Rift.



HTC Vive

HTC Vive in short

The Vive stems from the collaboration between hardware manufacturer HTC and software giant Valve. Both companies were working on a Virtual Reality headset, they decided to join forces in the development of the Vive. This product was a direct competitor of the Oculus Rift, thanks to the innovative Lighthouse tracking and the VR controllers, the HTC Vive could immediately count on good reviews. Although the company focuses primarily on the Asian market, VR glasses are also available in the West. Unlike Oculus, HTC seems to focus more on the business market.

About HTC

The High Tech Corporation is a Taiwanese company that is best known for consumer electronics including smartphones and laptops. In 2017, the mobile telephony branch was sold to Google, HTC continued to develop the Vive VR glasses. This product was originally developed in collaboration with Valve and was officially launched in 2016. The range is further expanded with products such as the Focus and Cosmos. Also in the area of ​​software, the company is working hard with Viveport, a subscription model for Virtual Reality computer games.

Technical specifications

  • PC accessory VR headset
  • Two AMOLED screens
  • 1080×1200 resolution per eye
  • 90 Hz refresh rate
  • 110 degree viewing angle
  • Front camera
  • Movement over 6 axes
  • Built-in microphone
  • Diopter setting
  • 2x VR controller

What makes HTC Vive special?

  • PC accessory: Unlike standalone headsets such as the Oculus Quest and the Lenovo Mirage, the HTC Vive is a PC accessory. This requires a PC or laptop to explore the virtual world. This offers the user more choice in the hardware. A solid PC is a good option for home use, while a suitable gaming PC can be a solution for use on location.
  • Chaperone system: The camera on the front of the VR glasses has led to a unique Chaperone system. The moment a user walks outside the allowable range, the camera will become active. This makes VR use a lot safer.
  • VR controllers: Control takes place with two controllers that function spatially, just like the headset. In this way the player has the feeling that he is really manipulating the virtual world around him. The controllers offer all the functionality you could wish for and yet are easy to use.
  • Steam VR: The collaboration with Valve is clearly visible in the Steam VR platform. Steam is the largest video game platform in the world, the Virtual Reality section is also filled with many high-quality VR experiences.
  • Viveport: Games can be quite expensive, Viveport is in fact the Netflix for VR games. For a fixed monthly fee you can choose from many titles, which can save gamers a lot of money.
  • Roomscale VR: The Vive offers the full roomscale VR experience. That means walking around freely in the room, every movement that the user makes is translated 1-on-1 to the virtual environment. The supplied trackers have a range of 3.5 x 3.5 meters.

Restrictions to take into account

The HTC Vive introduced a number of groundbreaking features including the VR controllers, a real roomscale experience and a safe Chaperone system. These innovations have meanwhile been taken over by the competition with which the Vive has lost some luster. The Lighthouse system with external trackers is very accurate, but it requires more work to configure than an inside-out system as is the case with the Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Because it is a PC accessory, it is always necessary to use a PC or laptop.

VR for business use

Competitor Oculus focuses primarily on the end consumer, HTC takes the business market into account. This is actually from the beginning, when the VR glasses were widely used in internet cafes, libraries and in other public spaces. The Vive Pro is specifically aimed at the business market including a more extensive service and support, but there is a considerable additional cost attached to this. Because the Vive works on the basis of the Windows 10 platform, there is plenty of support for developers of custom apps and content. In particular for complex simulations and 3D environments, the HTC Vive is clearly a professional product. In many cases, that means knowledge, it is not really a plug-and-play system. In addition to the standard set, the Vive can be further expanded with the Deluxe Audio Strap. The image can be displayed on an external monitor during events.


The HTC Vive is “VR done right”, and has laid the blueprint for Virtual Reality as we know it today. The original design has been further refined in recent years, and the price has also fallen. For the serious hobbyist and for business use, the VR headset is still a leader. With a wide range of products, a business user can later expand the system based on a uniform development environment.

History of the HTC Vive

Pros and cons

  • Best room scale tracking in its category
  • Fun event content available though Steam VR
  • Suitable for complex simulations and games
  • Relatively high purchase price


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Product specifications

Built-in displayHTC ViveLaptop: MSI GF62 8RE-041NL
ControllerResolution2160 x 1200 pixelsScreensize15.6 inch
Built-in audioRefresh rate90HZResolution1920*1080
StandaloneField of view110 DegreeGraphics cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Input3.5 MM Audio JackProcessorIntel Core i7
Weight555 GramRAM - Memory16 Gb
ColorBlackMemory TypeSSD + HDD
MaterialPlasticWarranty2 Year
Warranty1 Year
PlatformSteam VR


VR Sync

VR Sync

  • Control in your hands
  • Unlimited number of viewers
  • User-friendly
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  • Kiosk mode
  • Up to 6 different 360º video’s
  • Branded background and logo
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  • Custom made for your company. Contact us for a free concept meeting
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Product accessoires

HTC Vive Face Cover

HTC Vive Face Cover

Replace the standard fabric inside of the HTC Vive (part that you place against your face) with a hygiene cover. This is made of PU leather which makes it easy to clean.

More information
HTC Vive Stand

HTC Vive Stand

The lighthouse units can be placed on the stands so that you can use your HTC Vive anywhere. The stands are foldable and easy to transport.

More information
HTC Vive Travel Case

HTC Vive Travel Case

The flight case is tailor-made for the Oculus Go and offers space for 10 "all in one" VR sets, controllers, headphones and a charging block. This flight case is suitable for shipments at home and abroad.

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Get started immediately. We install hardware, software and accessoires.

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