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Oculus Rift

  • Best price in category
  • Oculus platform
  • Laptop included
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Product information

For the business market, the Oculus Rift is suitable for experience centers, at fairs / events and in training courses. The Oculus platform gives you access to a wide range of fun experiences that can be used directly at events.


Compared to the HTC Vive, the purchase price of the Oculus Rift is more friendly. However, the room scale tracking of the Oculus Rift is of less quality than that of the HTC Vive.

Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S in short

The Oculus Rift S is the updated version of the original Rift that came on the market in 2016. A number of adjustments have been made, of which the “inside-out” tracking is the most striking. External boxes are no longer required to register the movement of these VR glasses, in addition an intelligent camera system on the headset ensures that spaces are accurately registered. Furthermore, the new Rift S backwards is compatible with the titles that were also available for the previous model. With that, there is immediately a large selection of games and applications to choose from.

About Oculus

In 2012 Oculus VR started a Kickstarter campaign where it quickly became one of the biggest successes on this platform. In 2014 the startup was bought by Facebook, which led to a broad line of VR glasses in 2019. The Rift S appeared on the market in May 2019 and has replaced the old version as the only PC Virtual Reality headset in the current line-up.

Technical specifications

  • PC accessory VR headset
  • LCD Display
  • 1280×1440 resolution per eye
  • 80Hz refresh rate
  • Inside-out tracking
  • Built-in speakers
  • Adjustable lenses
  • Movement over 6 axes
  • 2x VR controller

What makes the Oculus Rift S special?

  • PC accessory: This Virtual Reality headset needs a PC or gaming laptop to use. That seems to be a limitation, but that means a greater choice for the customer. With a large PC you don’t have to invest anything extra, or you can suffice with a new graphic card. There are therefore more options to tailor the functionality to the wishes and budget of the user.
  • Complete spatial experience: 6DoF stands for six axes of freedom of movement. In practice, that means walking freely in space, which makes games and presentations very realistic. Thanks to the new Insight tracking system it is no longer necessary to place tracking boxes, you will also be warned when you come to a wall.
  • Better screen resolution: Although the screen resolution has not increased enormously compared to the previous version, the “screen through” raster effect is greatly reduced. The lenses have been improved as well as the color display.
  • Two VR controllers: The two ergonomic VR controllers that are already included as standard allow you to make precise hand movements in the virtual space. The haptic feedback function lets you “feel” the virtual environment.
  • Own App Store with exclusive titles: For owners of other VR glasses this is a thorn in the eye, Facebook spends a lot of money on exclusive titles that (officially) cannot be played on other headsets.
  • Windows operating system: If you have a Windows 10 computer that meets the minimum system requirements, you can start using this product immediately. So you don’t have to learn how to work with a customized operating system.
  • Second generation product: The first Rift was groundbreaking, but that was accompanied by teething problems. This successor is a fully-fledged product for which you do not need any technical expertise to use.

Restrictions to take into account

Although the resolution is better than the previous model, the cheaper Oculus Go has a screen with even more pixels. In practice this is more than offset by the hardware that is in a PC or gaming laptop. Another notable difference with the old Rift is the lower refresh rate at 80Hz, the previous edition had 90Hz. This too will hardly be noticeable in practice, and is probably a result of the new Insight tracking. Although no more tracking modules are needed, you are still attached to a computer, as it is a PC accessory. That partially limits the freedom of movement, although there are special backpacks for gaming laptops that allow you to walk in all directions.

VR for business use

The previous Oculus Rift was already a well-known appearance during trade fairs and events, that will only increase with this version. Tracking boxes are no longer necessary, which makes set-up much easier, the viewing camera provides extra security during a presentation. Because the system works on the basis of Windows 10, it is relatively easy for a software developer to build custom applications. You can directly transfer the image from the headset to an external screen which, in addition to educational applications, is also ideal for attracting an audience to an exhibition stand.


The Oculus Rift S is not the successor of the popular Virtual Reality headset from 2016, but an upgrade from the previous version. Apart from a few details, the S does indeed offer a number of interesting improvements. This product is a slick and complete system, which you cannot always say about the previous model. While the previous edition was mainly suitable for hobbyists and early adapters due to the sometimes awkward user experience, the S edition is a fully-fledged product that is suitable for both consumers and business users.

History of Oculus Rift

Pros and cons

  • Roomscale VR
  • Most favorable purchase price in its category
  • Many fun event experiences freely available at the Oculus Platform
  • Suitable for complex simulations and games
  • Not the best Room Scale tracking in its category

Frequently asked questions

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Product specifications

Build-in displayOculus RiftLaptop: MSI GF62 8RE-041NL
ControllerResolution2160 x 1200 pixelsScreensize15.6 inch
Built-in audioField of view110 DegreesResolution1920*1080
StandaloneInput3.5 MM Audio JackGraphics cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Weight470 GramProcessorIntel Core i7
ColorBlackRAM - Memory16 Gb
MaterialPlasticMemory TypeSSD + HDD
Warranty1 YearWarranty2 Year




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Product accessoires

Oculus Rift Cover

Oculus Rift Cover

Replace the standard fabric inside the Oculus Rift (the part you place against your face) with a hygiene cover. This cover is made out of PU leather and is therefore easy to clean.

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