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Pico G2 4K

  • 4K LCD screen
  • Remote device management
  • Easy to use without a controller
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Product information

If you have high-quality content, the Pico is the all-in-one VR headset that will give your target group the best experience. The Pico G2 4K is a standalone headset which means no extra equipment is needed. In the all-in-one VR headsets category, Pico G2 4K has the highest resolution, leading to a superior viewing experience.

Another big advantage is that the Pico G2 4K runs on an open Android system. This makes it easier to make changes for business use. Examples of this are deactivating buttons, limiting user rights (kiosk mode), and mobile device management. You also do not necessarily have to use the Pico controller. This makes it a handy VR headset for retail setups, events and trade shows. A disadvantage of the Pico G2 4K is that there is still little entertainment content in the Pico Store.




Pico G2 4K

Pico G2 4K in short

This is the most luxurious VR glasses that Pico currently has in its range. The G2 product line also builds on the popular Gear VR from Samsung and the Oculus Go from Facebook. Still, Pico knows how to add some interesting features that will appeal to the business user by name, such as a “kiosk” mode and operation without operation.

About Pico Interactive

This company has been around since 2015 and is located in Beijing, China. Their first product under the name Neo was groundbreaking, and would be one of the first VR glasses that did not need a PC and yet offered full freedom of movement. This pioneering work meant that the 6DoF system failed in practice, so the current product line is therefore equipped with 3DoF technology. It does indicate that the developers behind Pico think “out of the box”, and are not simply guided by the competition.

Technical specifications

  • Standalone VR headset
  • 3840 x 2160 4K resolution
  • 75 Hz refreshing speed
  • Snapdragon 835 CPU
  • 32GB internal storage (expandable tot 256GB)
  • Movement over 3 axels
  • 1x VR controller

Wat makes the Pico G2 4K so special?

  • Standalone: ​​You can use these VR glasses directly without an external PC or gaming laptop. This not only makes it a user-friendly device, it also saves a lot of costs. No external cables are required, although a controller is supplied as standard, the system also works with physical exercise.
  • Little space needed: The compact all-in-one system makes it easy to keep one or more sets ready. In addition, the user is limited to looking around, physical walking in the virtual environment is not possible. In combination with the 4K display, this VR headset is therefore ideal for passive experiences such as watching a 360 video in a (rotating) chair.
  • Counterweight: The Pico G2 4K is the only product in the collection that comes standard with a counterweight. Because the battery is located at the back there is less pressure on the front of the face which many users find more pleasant.
  • Controller-free mode: A fairly unique standard feature is the ability to control the system with physical exercise, an external controller is then no longer necessary. Incidentally, “gaze-based” navigation is not unique for mobile VR apps, the app must be prepared for this functionality.
  • Hygienic to use: The soft pillow that rests on the face is easy to remove and clean. That is clearly an option that has been devised for public presentations such as at fairs and events. At home with multiple users, it is also quite a fresh idea.
  • Memory is expandable: The 32 GB internal memory will be sufficient for most users, yet it is possible to expand the memory to as much as 256 GB storage space. This can be very useful for 4K video. Need even more? Then simply change the MicroSD card.
  • Android system: Like many stand-alones, these VR glasses work based on the Android operating system. In this case the OS is easy to approach for software developers, which creates new possibilities for custom applications.
  • Kiosk and broadcast mode: By default you can lock the headset on one application, you can also display the image on an external screen without using additional hardware or software.

Restrictions to take into account

3DoF stands for “Three Degrees of Freedom”. This means that you can fully look around as long as you stay in the same position. That makes the VR experience more limited compared to the 6DoF Virtual Reality headsets. For presentations in smaller spaces and for users who have little experience with virtual worlds, this can be an advantage. The lower 72Hz refresh rate compared to 90Hz on the standard G2 is due to the larger number of pixels on the screen. For video this is no objection, you will notice this in particular in fast games.

VR for business use

The sleek black finish immediately shows that the Pico G2 4K is meant for “serious business”. The higher image resolution proves that it is not only about display. Because the Android system on this device has been kept as open as possible, a company can have applications built and loaded on this system relatively easily. The “kiosk” mode is standard part of the features, you can show one application while the access to the standard menu is locked. The controller-free option allows the user to navigate even without remote control, a function that is specifically intended for the business market.


The main advantage of the Pico G2 4K compared to the standard version is a better screen with more pixels. This is at the expense of the refresh rate, but the increase in sharpness more than makes up for this. Furthermore, the hardware is almost the same, although the black case immediately gives a luxurious appearance. These VR glasses are especially aimed at the business user, the end consumer is more likely to opt for the slightly cheaper G2 version because there is more memory available as standard.

History of the Pico G2 4K

Pros and cons

  • 4K LCD screen
  • Easy to use without a controller
  • Open Android operating system
  • Remote device management possible
  • Battery life 2 to 2,5 hours

Product specifications

Build-in displayResolutie3840 x 2160 (4k)Weight278 Gram
ControllerRefesh Rate75HZColorBlack
Build-in audioDisplayLCD DisplayMaterialPlastic
StandaloneField of view101 DegreeWarranty2 Years
Input3.5 MM Audio JackCPUQualcomm Snapdragon 835
Hard drive32GBPlatform Open android system




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Product accessoires



With the lanyard you ensure that the controller and the headset are connected to each other. This prevents the controller from being lost or confused with other headsets. The Lanyard is elastic, so you will not be bothered by it during VR experiences.

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