Giving an Oration with the help of VR. Wim Veling dared. For his research “Psychosis in the social context”, he produced a 360 film in collaboration with VIEMR. The challenge was to make the VR part as smooth as possible for the more than 200 people present. The Inaugural lecture was given in a beautiful room in the University of Groningen. The disadvantage of this was that everyone was very close together, making some people difficult to reach. We also had the 360º content played on the projector’s booth so that those who found VR a little too exciting could still enjoy the content. Due to the good preparation in collaboration with VIEMR and the University of Groningen, the event went very well.


  • Installation service
    • Installing VR Sync software
    • Pre-loading 360° content
    • Testing of VR experience
    • Configuring the local network.
  • Event service
    • Advice about User Experience
    • Logistics Hardware
    • Setting up Local Network
    • Integrate VR-Sync with local screen
    • Testing of VR Experience
    • Battery management
    • Technical support during event
    • Training event staff at the University of Groningen
    • Event support during event



Oculus Go sets


Controller Lanyards


Button Blockers


Vr Covers




VR Sync Box XL


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