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VR Sync

Show 360º content to many users

  • Control in your hands
  • Unlimited number of viewers
  • User-friendly

With VR Sync you can easily play 360º videos on an unlimited number of Virtual Reality devices. You can upload your own content via the dashboard and send it wirelessly to your devices. This gives you complete control over what your viewers get to see. You then start, stop and pause the 360 ​​° videos via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can also create a playlist or group devices to make it even easier for yourself. VR Sync is suitable for the Oculus Go , Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Android devices, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Pico & Google Daydream.



  • Kiosk mode
  • Up to 6 different 360º video’s
  • Branded background and logo

Look&Play is a user-friendly application for watching 360º video material. From a waiting area, which can be designed fully in your house style, users can start videos themselves by following a few simple instructions. When a video is done playing, the user automatically returns to the waiting area. This application is a cost and time saving way to show users multiple 360º videos.



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